Cocktail party Men on the Year GQ

Crispy tartlets with fresh strawbery and chocolate mousse

Rose of light-salted salmon with a dill

Marinated Tuna with Sesam

Ratatouille and quail egg

Date: 17/09/2009
Venue: Theater Et Cetera, Moscow


+7 (495)

10:00 — 20:00

Perevedenovsky 18

Moscow, Russian Federation


Once a year readers of the Russian magazine GQ  vote in order to decide who is the most popular, charismatic and professional public figure.  These amazing and successful people of a year  are awarded due solemn ceremony “The men of the year GQ”.  Elegance company welcomes distinguished guests with luxurious cocktail, which is organized in the Et Setera theatre foyer.   That day Elegance catering organized the buffet for 600 people.

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